Amazon Storefront Evaluation


A low-cost evaluation of your Amazon storefront to assist you in making the best possible decision for you brand. We will grade your amazon storefront compared to its competition and offer solutions that will give you your highest return on investment. 

A 20-minute phone evaluation is also included!


Product Description

Unsure of if our services are a good fit for your store? We offer a low-cost evaluation of your Amazon storefront to assist you in making the best possible decision for you brand!

Our Amazon storefront evaluation is comparable to taking your car into the mechanic. We perform a 100 point inspection of your storefront and inform you of the areas we find that can be improved. Newly equipped with the knowledge of what needs the most work, you can use that useful info when choosing your package! Your competition won’t know what hit them when you roll in with the BMW of an Amazon storefront, upgraded and ready to go.

You can also schedule your free 20-minute phone evaluation here!


What’s Included

  • A 20-minute discovery call with an Amazon SEO Expert
  • A detailed, 100-point inspection of your amazon storefront
  • Suggestions on how to improve your amazon listings
  • The Listing Factory’s estimate to optimize your entire storefront
  • A follow-up call to review our findings

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How It Works

Discovery Call:
First, you schedule your 20-minute discovery call here. During the call, we will walk you through the process of working with us and what you can expect. We will explain how we go about doing our Amazon Storefront Evaluation.

You Purchase The Amazon Storefront Evaluation
Once you purchase this evaluation, you will be sent a form to fill out that will help us complete the full evaluation and give us a better understanding of your status on the amazon platform

We Present Our Findings
We review our findings in a final call that shows all of the ways that amazon seo can help you sell more product and give you a better idea of the payoff it will have! After we have presented our findings, if you decide to go with a plan of $1,00 or more, we reduce the cost of the storefront evaluation from the total price of that plan.


You purchase the $97 storefront evaluation
You purchase the regular price $2,597 Platinum Bundle
You pay only $2500 for the platinum bundle

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