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Maximize your exposure and profitability with a custom-made PPC campaign designed specifically for your product. Enjoy your new winning ad campaigns that give your products a competitive advantage.

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Product Description

Increase Clicks

Get your product in front of more of your target customer. The more clicks, the higher the potential for sales. Your product deserves to be seen by people searching for your keywords. Drive them to your amazon listing with a custom-made PPC campaign designed by The Listing Factory.

Reduce ACOS

If you find it to be a challenge managing your campaigns and lowering your ACOS, this is the a solution for you. We make it easy for you to control your spend and ACOS.

Winning Ad Campaigns

It can take a lot of work to create a winning Amazon PPC campaign. From researching the best keywords for your product to organizing campaign groups, we realize it can be a daunting task for anyone who is new to this industry. We’re here to help lift that burden off of your shoulders and guide you through every step of the process. When we’re finished working together, you’ll have a wonderfully successful ad campaign for each of your products.

Custom Keyword Research

Using the industries leading software, we provide you with detailed keyword research that makes all the difference. We select keywords based on the probability of attracting good attention from potential buyers searching within your unique niche. Solid keywords usage will put you miles ahead of your competitors!

Reduce The Time It Takes To Manage Your Campaigns

Our PPC Campaings are designed to be easily managed. Adjusting Bids is a time consuming task, so we design the campaigns to make it easy to adjust bids in an efficient manner.

No Need To Grant Us Access To Your Private Seller Central Information

We provide you all the files and detailed instructions needed to implement your own PPC campaign in amazon seller central. You do not need to give us access to your back-end. This keeps your sensitive information private. If you prefer to have us set up the campaign for you, please contact us and we can arrange that.

  • Keyword Research
  • Excel File with Sponsored Ads Strategy for One Product

Included With These Bundles

Save big on our PPC Campaign Setup service and more when you purchase on of our bundles! PPC campaign setups are included in the following bundles:

Bronze Bundle
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Platinum Bundle

Bulk Pricing Discounts

If you offer 10 or more products in your Amazon storefront, you qualify for our discount on bulk order services! This discount will be automatically calculated in your shopping cart at checkout.
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Payback Period Calculator

A payback period is the period of time required to reach a break-even point. Using our intuitive Payback Period Calculator, you’ll get an accurate representation of how long it will take for the work we do for you to make a return on your investment!

Your investment in our services pays for itself! Check out our payback period calculator and find out how.