Amazon SEO Consulting Service 8-Hour Bundle


8 Hours of One-On-One Amazon SEO Consulting

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Product Description

Do You Need An Amazon SEO Expert On Your Side?

Of Course! We are experts in the industry who know how to sell more products on amazon. If you struggle on amazon and need help understanding what drives more sales… we can help.

What Topics Can We Discuss? 

  • PPC Optimization
  • Account Setup
  • Inventory Management
  • The Benefits of FBA vs FBM
  • Amazon Product Sourcing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Amazon Private Label Selling Trends
  • Coupons, Lightning Deals and Promotions
  • Amazon’s New Services
  • The List Goes On!

Other Topics We Are Happy To Discuss:

Hijacked Amazon Product Listings

How Frustrating is it when you see another seller on your private label listing? We feel your pain. We can talk about strategies to remove these sellers and save your product from these hijackers.

Amazon Seller Support Case Management

Submitting cases to amazon seller support is frustrating. We feel your pain. Lets talk about ways to minimize the need to enter these cases and managing the cases that you do have.

Amazon Inbound Shipping

Sending Inventory In To Amazon Is Confusing. We feel your pain. let us help walk you through the process of sending in your inventory to amazon and avoid getting charged unnecessary fees for doing it wrong!

How To Obtain More Positive Amazon Reviews

Getting more reviews on amazon has become a touchy subject. We feel your pain. With all of the “gurus” out there giving different information, who knows what to believe anymore? Save yourself now from the possibility of am amazon account ban and make sure you are talking the right precautions and abiding by all of amazon’s terms and conditions.

Managing High Volume Returns

Lightning Deals
False Amazon Safety Claims
False Infringement Claims
Customer Service
Inventory Forecasting
Facebook Ad Campaigns For Amazon Products
Enhanced Brand Content
Registering Your Brand Trademark On Amazon
Starting An Amazon Business Today
Brand Building
Amazon Seller Bookkeeping and Filing Your Taxes at The End Of The Year
Early Reviewer Program
Automated Amazon Follow-up Emails

Amazon Storefront Evaluation

Unsure of if our services are a good fit for your store? We offer a low-cost evaluation of your Amazon storefront to assist you in making the best possible decision for you brand!

Our Amazon storefront evaluation is comparable to taking your car into the mechanic. We perform a 100 point inspection of your storefront and inform you of the areas we find that can be improved. Newly equipped with the knowledge of what needs the most work, you can use that useful info when choosing your package! Your competition won’t know what hit them when you roll in with the BMW of an Amazon storefront, upgraded and ready to go.

What’s Included

  • 8 hours of consulting with an amazon SEO Professional

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