If you are an amazon seller, here is a list of resources that we have compiled for your convenience. We have broken these down individually and by category for your browsing convenience…

***Please note that some of these links may include affiliate links. 

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Amazon's Programs To Be Aware Of

Amazon has a wide variety of their own programs to help the sellers on their platform that you may not be aware of. Check the ones out below that we use on a regular basis!

Amazon Seller Central Phone App

The iphone app for amazon seller central is definitely a must-have. It allows you to check on your sales while you are on the go!

Amazon FBA Calculator

The amazon fba calculator helps with your product research process. It breaks down all of the fees associates with selling similar products on amazon. 

Amazon Brand Registry

If you have a registered trademark for your brand, you will want to register your brand with amazon. It gives you an added layer of protection from counterfeit products selling on amazon. 

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced brand content allows you to add images to your product description and allows you to provide more detail about your brand and your product. 

Lightning Deals

Lightning deals cost different amounts of money at different times of the year. They put a badge on your product that helps your product stand out from the search results. 

Amazon Coupons

Coupons are similar to lightning deals in that they allow you to have a badge that makes you stand out from the competition. The difference is that you pay .60 per coupon redemption at checkout, compared to paying a flat fee with the lighting deal. 

Amazon Promotions

Amazon promotions allow you to promote other products in your brand on the product page. 

Amazon Early Reviewer Program

This program allows you to pay amazon to give an incentive of an amazon credit in exchange for an honest review of the product. This program is only available for new products without many reviews

Create An Amazon Store

Creating an amazon store allows you to customize storefront page that displays all of the products that you sell. 

Global Amazon Selling

Amazon has been expanding their prime services to other countries. Do you want to sell your product in other countries? You can now with amazon fba!

Amazon Lending

If you qualify for lending, you can be pre-selected to receive money from lenders to grow your amazon business. 

Small And Light Program

The small and light program allows products that are “small” and “light” to be charged a lower amazon fulfillment fee. The tradeoff is that amazon ships the product to customer in 3-5 days. 

Subscribe and Save Program

The subscribe and save program allows amazon customers to receive a discount if they sign up to receive your product on a regular basis. 

Amazon Influencer Program

If you have a social media account with a significant number of followers, you may be interested in the amazon influencer program. You just have to create your amazon storefront, share the products on social media, and get paid!

Amazon Transparency Program

The Amazon Transparency Program helps private label amazon sellers keep counterfeit products from selling on their listings. You can enroll single products into the program (don’t need to do your entire catalogue) and they give you a unique bar code for every product that you manufacture. If someone tries to sell your product, but does not have that specific code, they are not able to sell that product. 

Pricing is .05 per code and goes down per code if you have a large number of products sold. 

You are also able to put the unique code onto that actual packaging so there may be minimal additional cost to implement this program. 

It is great if you suffer from hijackers on your listings selling counterfeit products.  

Automated email software helps you to email customers on amazon automatically when triggered by an action. You can ask people who purchased your product for a review (with some restrictions), and send other emails as well. Just be careful with these, amazon does not like you sending links to other website or attempting to take customers off of their platform!

Feedback Whiz (Our Favorite)

Great for managing your emails at a great price. 


If you love the junglescout chrome extension, you should check out jumpsend! It is brought to you by the creators of that app!

Feedback Genius

We have used feedback genius for some of our clients. It is a “SellerLabs” product. They also offer other other services other than email automation so it is a great option for companies who want an all-in-one solution for all their products other than email automation. 

We also found that they provide some great webinars on important Private Label Amazon Seller topics… 

Feedback Genius Course: Module 1 – Product Review Basics

Feedback Genius Course: Module 2 – Optimize and Manage

Feedback Genius Course: Module 3- Account set up and basics


We use clickback to drive traffic to our business website through email marketing. 

Merchant Words (Our Favorite)

Merchant Words is our favorite keyword research tool. We use in in conjunction with the google keyword planner to generate all of our keyword ideas for our client’s products.

Google Keyword Planner (Our Other Favorite)

The google keyword planner is another tool that is extremely useful to gather keyword data. Granted, it is google search volume and not amazon search volume, but it gives you an idea of what people are actually searching for. 


ahrefs is really cool. It was primarily designed to gather search engine data, but as amazon has grown, their tool is gathering data on that platform as well. What is really neat about ahrefs is that you can see which AMAZON products are ranking in the search results of Google. 


Sellics has a free tool called Sonar. You can enter your keyword or asin and it helps give you some ideas. Pretty fun tool to play around with. Extremely useful to enter your competition products and see what keywords it spits out that you may not have thought of!

Thompson And Holt

We are sorry to hear that this has happened to you… We have heard great things about the results that Thompson and Holt have accomplished when reversing amazon seller account suspensions. 

Speedy Barcodes

From all of the research we have doen, Speedy barcodes is a legitimate source for barcodes. It is much less expensive than using GS1 database approved barcodes. However, amazon specifically requests that you use GS1 barcodes, so understand that we will always recommend getting them from there!

GS1 Barcodes

Amazon specifically says to get your barcodes from here… 


Sellics is an all in one solution that helps you grow your business. It combines Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, Inventory Management, Competitor Monitoring, Product Research Tools, and Review Management all into one convenient package. 

Sellozo (our favorite)


Get a 14-Day Free Trial and 20% OFF your first month with the button below. 


Where to find factories to purchase bulk private label inventory to sell on amazon. 


We hope that you are enjoying our list of resources for amazon sellers, but did you know we here at The Listing Factory do product photography?!?!

Well, now you do!

If you need help with your product photography, we hope you consider using our services! If you already have a great amazon product photographer … no worries! 

We also ranked the 10 Best Amazon Product Photography Services that rank on google in this post here!


We use the junglescout chrome extension which is super helpful! They are currently charging a one time fee of $99 to buy the chrome extension. 


Algopix is a jungle scout chrome extension alternative that offers Cross-Channel Product Market Research. 


Monitor all your listings for hijackers to protect your private label.
Get immediate email notifications when hijackers or piggybackers start selling on your Amazon listings!


Veem helps you send international wire transfers to your suppliers. Saves you lots of money!


This is a really cool tool that allows you to test different aspects of your listing to see which one is performing better. We used to do this all manually in an excel spreadsheet, but if you want to automate this time-consuming task, check out the link below!


Managing your inventory in amazon fba can be time consuming and confusing. All you really need to know is when you need to send inventory into amazon. When you are busy, you don’t want to have to dig into the numbers on a daily basis. This software takes all the guesswork out of it!


You will want to get your trademark registered at some point when selling on amazon. The USPTO is where you will need to go!

Legal Zoom

Legal stuff can be intimidating. Legal zoom offers a service to take care of some of that stuff for you. 


We already talked about the  Junglescout Chrome Extension but it is worth mentioning again! It is a great chrome extension to have handy when scanning amazon for your next great product! 

DS Amazon Quick View

The DS Amazon Quick View Chrome extension is a must have for all amazon sellers. There is a free version and a paid version. Check our our review of the DS Amazon Quick View Chrome Extension Here!


We use the Keepa Chrome Extension to track the pricing history for certain products. It also shows the Best Seller Rank, Warehouse Deals, Lightning Deals, and BSR rating. 

It is easy to toggle on and off, but I always leave it on! Super helpful when I am personally shopping around as well as checking out the pricing history of competition!

There is a free version of the extension which is super helpful, but if you want to see the BSR Data you need to pay the subscription fee which is only currently 15 Euro per month or 149 Euro per year! Well worth it if you are consistently researching competition or monitoring your own listings on a budget! 

Paid subscription gives you: 

– Access to interactive Sales Rank history graphs
– Access to interactive Buy Box price history graphs
– Access to interactive eBay price history graphs
– Access to interactive Offer Count and Review/Rating history graphs
– Basic access to our API with 5 token/min
– Price increase tracking

…and more features coming!


Seller Ratings

If you are looking to see where your storefront ranks on amazon compared to other sellers, check out this site!


If you have been exporting your sales into an excel sheet and trying to calculate your amazon profit, using a tool like hello profit is going to be a game changer for you! This tool integrates with your amazon seller central account and shows your amazon profit. 



Automated Accounting For Amazon Marketplace Sales, Fees, Cost Of Goods Sold, And FBA Inventory. A2X works with both quickbooks and xero


Xero is an accounting software that helps amazon sellers manage their finances. 

DIY eCommerce Site: How To Video Tutorial

Coming Soon!

The Listing Factory will be creating some tutorial videos on how to create an eCommerce site using WooCommerce and Shopify. Please subscribe to our social media and subscribe to our emails to be notified when that is ready! The topics…

How To Create an eCommerce WooCommerce Site for Your Private Label Amazon Products

How to Create a Shopify eCommerce Site for your Amazon Private Label Products


WooCommerce Is a WordPress Plugin that helps transform your website into an eCommerce site. It is very simple to use and allows you to customize your site a little more than other platforms like shopify. 

The WooCommerce Extension Store allows you to easily customize your site to how you want it to look. These extensions are very affordable so you can create your site on a very tight budget. 


Shopify is a great option for your amazon store. They offer a lot of compatability with amazon FBA so that they fulfill your product for you when you make a sale. Pretty cool!

Live Chat

Live chat is pretty cool too. It is a really easy extension to install into your woocommerce/woocommerce store. It allows you to chat with visitors to your site. 


Amazon is so successful in part due to its massive affiliate program and the success it has with the thousands of advertisers of its products. Did you know that you can create a very similar program for your own products on your own site?

AffiliateWP is really cool. It integrates with WooCommerce and allows you to give a commission to people who love your products. If they send traffic to your website, then someone completes a sale, that person gets a commission for that sale! It is a really great way to grow your business. 

Private Label Journey Blog

The Private Label Journey blog is written by a someone who is not trying to sell you a guide, course, subscription, or webinar. All of their content is free and open to anyone who would like to see their content!

The Listing Factory Blog

Check Out Our Blog!

Udemy FBA Training Courses

You have probably heard of Udemy. There are a lot of people on there that offer courses 

Amazon's Training Courses

Amazon has made a push in the last few years to help sellers with helpful information about selling on their platform. Check out their free resources here!

Benjamin Roberts FBA Youtube Channel

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

Beau Crabill's Online Retail Mastery Course

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

Amazon Freedom Course by Dan Vas

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

Nine University

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

Amazing Selling Maching by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback

Benjamin Roberts is a newer YouTube Channel that is going through the process of selling your first product on amazon. You should check it out!

The Listing Factory Forum

Reddit is one of the largest forum sites on the web. If you are already a user of reddit, check out the r/AmazonSeller forum.