Has anyone seen amazon’s new “Request A Review” button? 

How To Request A Review On Amazon

You can now request a review on amazon and stay within amazon’s terms of service. 

To navigate to the amazon request a review button, simply: 

  1. hover over the orders tab at the top of you seller central dashboard
  2. select “manage orders” from the drop down
  3. filter for the last 30 days
  4. and click on the order number

Should You Be Requesting A Review On Amazon?

There is a lot of debate about requesting reviews on amazon and if it complies with the terms of service. There are a few services out there at allow you to schedule automatic email campaigns, but they do it through the buyer-seller messaging and email. Here are a few examples of such software: 

Amazon already sends emails requesting reviews from orders, but now you are able to request an additional one. Here is what amazon has to say when you click the Request A Review button.

We don’t require you to request reviews because our systems already do that at no cost to you. However, if you prefer to request a review for this order, please use this feature instead of asking the customer via email or buyer-seller messaging. When you use this feature, we will send the customer an email requesting product and seller reviews for this order. We automatically translate review requests to the customer’s preferred language. Are you sure you want to request a review for this order?

Amazon Seller Central

When Should You Request A Review On Amazon?

According to amazon, you are only allowed to request a review with the new button between 4-30 days after the order delivery date. 

Request a review not eligible at this time. You can’t use this feature to request a review outside the 4-30 day range after the order delivery date.

Amazon Seller Central

How Many Times Can You Request A Review On Amazon?

If you request a review more than once, you will get the following error message…

Request a Review Not eligible at this time You have already requested a review for this order.

Amazon Seller Central

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