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As amazon private label sellers, we were interested in purchasing stock in amazon. We discovered that it was very difficult to find the information that we wanted that would help us make that decision. The information was scattered across the internet and there wasn’t any one place that organized it all in a way that was easy to understand… Until now!

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  • Amazon Ticker Symbol​
  • Amazon Stock Price
  • Amazon Stock Price 1997
  • Amazon Stock Chart
  • Amazon Stock News
  • Amazon Financials
  • Buy Amazon Stock
  • Marketwatch Amazon
  • Amazon Stock Futures
  • Amazon Stock Price After Hours
  • Amazon Mission Statement
  • Amazon Investor Relations
  • Amazon's Competition

Amazon Ticker Symbol


Amazon Stock Price

There are a few places you can find the amazon stock price. There are a few free sites out there that have this information. Usually, these prices are about 20 minutes delayed from the actual price on wall street, but they give you a pretty good idea. Here are our two favorite:  

Yahoo Finance Amazon

Google Finance Amazon

Marketwatch Amazon

… There is a lot of information here to digest, so we have helped you break it all down below.

Amazon Stock Price 1997

Amazon’s IPO price according to nasdaq historical data was $16 back on May 15th, 1997.  With highs currently of over $2,000 per share, this is a 12400% increase. If you had invested $500 in the IPO you would have received about 31 shares of stock, which would be worth about $62,000 today. Not a bad investment!

This has lead investors to ask the question… what is the next amazon stock that will hit it big? To answer this question would take a crystal ball, but it wouldn’t hurt to have your pulse on the market anyway! We recommenced signing up for for your latest news and information on the general market, but if you want to keep reading about our efforts to keep on top of the latest amazon news, keeps scrolling down!

Buy Amazon Stock

After the CRAZY bullish run over the past 15 years investors are wondering “Is Amazon Still Good Investment?”

We are not financial advisers, so we are not qualified to make that determination for you, but if you are interested in purchasing amazon stock, we find that these three options are really great!

1. Acorns

This app is really cool for people who do not have the full $2,000-ish to purchase a full amazon stock. It automatically takes the extra change from your everyday purchases and invests the rounded up amount into your acorns portfolio.

2. TD Ameritrade

This is your standard investment brokerage.They

3. Find A Local Investment Pro

Smart Asset

Amazon Stock Chart

Google Finance and Yahoo Finance started recently rolling back their free stock market information api, which allowed normal investors like you to keep tabs on their investments. These are the latest ways to gather this data that we have found. We hope this helps!

Amazon Financials Charts

We have also put together some useful business information that is sometimes hard to find quickly… 

Amazon Total Sales By Quarter Chart

Amazon Estimated vs Actual Sales Chart

Amazon Estimated vs Actual Earnings Per Share Chart

Amazon Stock News

Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, and Amazon Investor Relations are great sources for the latest amazon news that would effect their stock prices. However, we have found that many times these news articles are fluff pieces that only “build up” the company. 

As investors of amazon and prospective investors of amazon, you want to know what these articles mean for the amazon stock price. 

At The Listing Factory, we are:

  • Investors of Amazon Stock
  • Private Label/3rd Party Sellers
  • Amazon Seller Consultants

This means it is especially important that we know exactly what is going on inside of the company so we can make smart business decisions.

In this section, we respond with our take on the latest amazon news articles and put our spin on it. If you like what we have to say, subscribe to our social media platforms to stay up to date on the latest amazon news!

Amazon Financials

Maybe Download all of the financial data and show it in a way that people would be interested in. 

Amazon Stock Futures

Ok, so trading amazon stock futures is a confusing topic, but it has been asked a lot so we did some research… but first here are a few resources that we found that may help you to understand what this means.

What does it mean to trade stock futures? 

Amazon Mission Statement

Amazon Investor Relations

Amazon Investor Relations is a great place to look for more information about amazon as a company…

Amazon Investor Relations

Amazon's Competition

If you want to monitor amazon’s competition, we have made it easy for you. Here are amazon’s closest competitors and what they are doing to try and catch up! Amazon has been categorized to operate in three general segments, although you could even argue there are more that it has dipped its toes in…


  1. Walmart
  2. Alibaba
  3. EBAY
  4. Best Buy
  5. Target
  6. Overstock


  1. Netflix
  2. Apple
  3. Google

Amazon Stock Frequently Asked Questions:

Amazon’s fiscal year ends on December 31st.

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To date, amazon’s stock has split 3 times early in the companies inception. 

Amazon Stock has not historically paid dividends.

Amazon started out as a online book seller out of a garage, but the long term goal was always to be an ‘everything store.’ Originally, they were called “Cadabra” (ie. Abracadabra) 

There are currently close to 100 acquisitions that amazon has made since the 1990’s… Here are a few of the most notable ones that you may recognize… 

    1. Zappos
    2. Pill Pack
    3. Twitch Interactive
    4. Kiva Systems
    5. Audible
    6. Whole Foods Market
    7. eero
    8. IMDb
    9. Pushbotton
    10. Woot
    11. Double Helix Games
    12. Thinkbox Software
    13. Blink Home
    14. Ring

There are surely hundreds of possibilities opened with amazon’s acquisition of whole foods, but here are a few… 

  1. A national brick and mortar presence.
  2. possible solution to groceries being delivered to the home.
  3. Selling more physical products in whole foods. 
  4. More distribution centers

There have certainly been proposals to break up amazon and other big-tech companies. There would have to be many steps between now and then before this becomes a realistic reality. 

Amazon is the largest company by market value, but is is far from the most profitable. In fact, many years amazon struggles to make a profit. This is do to the significant reinvestment the company makes in new technology and acquiring new companies. 

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