Thanking you for taking the time to learn more about us!

We are a small company based in Bonita Springs, Florida… And we love it here!

What Makes Us Different?

We know what it is like for a small business or entrepreneur to find the right freelancers and agencies to help them grow their business. Most agencies will push you into high monthly retainer fees to manager your amazon brand while trying to do the least amount of work possible. They even have the nerve to try and probe sales information out of you so they know how high they can charge their monthly fee… Not Us!

Our Philosophy

We take the approach that we are your fiduciary… (even if you don’t see us that way!) 

Fiduciary Definition: a person or a business who has the power and obligation to act for another (often called the beneficiary) under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty. 

Our goal is that, when you come to us, we leave you in a better position than you started. 

Transparent Pricing

  1. we have conveniently “packed” our services into “individual products” that you can buy on our site.
  2. We “bundled” those products into a discounted package.
  3. We went even further to offer competitive bulk pricing for brands that have lots of products.

White Hat SEO Techniques

At The Listing Factory, we produce images and listings that all comply with Amazon SEO terms of service and best practices. If you are looking for short-term black-hat techniques, you have come to the wrong place!If you are looking to build a unique brand with great products on amazon, you have come to the right place! We can help make that happen.

Our Team


Account Manager

I help your company select the perfect service for your needs. Contact me today so we can get started!


Account Manager

I help your company select the perfect service for your needs. Contact me today so we can get started!


Sales Support

Let’s talk about how The Listing Factory is right for your business!


Photographer / Videographer / Health Nut

I take beautiful images and videos. I make your products stand out from the competition on amazon. Message us to get started today!


Graphic Design Guru

I take your product listing to the very top. I add text for infographics and fix any imperfections in the images.


Customer Service Extraordinaire

I can help you with any questions you have. Let me solve your issue today. Contact me on chat now!

You Are In Good Hands

  • We have helped many clients improve their listings on amazon.
  • We have created countless listings.
  • We have a Conversion Rate Increase Guarantee.
  • We have a list of our Trusted Partners that we would be happy to put you in touch with.
  • We have done listings for products in almost every industry.
  • We have simple, low pricing that is easy to understand.
  • We have a friendly support staff that would be happy to help you. You have questions, we have answers!